Mexico Beach Getting New Grocery Store After Hurricane Michael!

It was approved during the Mexico Beach city council meeting on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020, that a brand new grocery store will be coming back to Mexico Beach, Florida. Mayor, Al Cathey, confirmed the exciting news. The coastal city on the Gulf of Mexico in the panhandle of Florida beloved by so many in the southeast has been without a grocery store since Gulf Foods, the former and only grocery store in Mexico Beach, was destroyed in Hurricane Michael. News reports state this new grocery store is set to go in at 625 15th Street and is aiming to be open in as little as six weeks!
The owner hopes to be as full service as possible. This is certainly great news for the future progression of Mexico Beach and a welcomed addition for residents and visitors alike. Although heavily devastated by the category five hurricane that ripped through Florida on October 1oth, 2018, the landscape of Mexico Beach is shaping up nicely. The future is bright for this resilient beach community. For more information about Mexico Beach, visit Mexico Beach.