New Featured Listing: 108 Salt Air Court | Windmark Beach



Welcome to coastal living at its finest! This stunning 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, boasting 1,471 square feet of heated and cooled space, is a true gem in the coveted ‘Fisherman’s Village’ section of Windmark Beach. Built in 2018, this residence offers a perfect blend of modern elegance and beachside charm. What truly sets this property apart is its prime location on one of Windmark’s primary beach boardwalks, offering direct access to the pristine white sandy beaches. Additionally, 108 Salt Air Ct is a quick walk or golf cart ride to the community pool and all of the restaurants and shopping located in Village Center. This home features a wealth of street parking options unlike the other residential sections of Windmark Beach Phase II, making it a great option for hosting and entertaining friends and family.

Nestled along the scenic Gulf Coast of Florida, Windmark Beach stands out as an idyllic coastal community offering a host of features and benefits that make it a coveted destination for those seeking a perfect blend of tranquility and vibrant coastal living. One of the key attractions of Windmark Beach is its pristine shoreline, where residents can enjoy breathtaking sunsets, serene walks along the sandy beaches, and a plethora of water activities.

One standout feature of living in Windmark Beach is the commitment to community and environmental sustainability. With carefully planned green spaces, walking trails, and community events, residents find a perfect balance between leisure and nature. The community’s dedication to eco-friendly practices enhances the overall quality of life, providing a harmonious environment for residents to enjoy.

The shopping and dining scene in Windmark Beach adds another layer of allure to the lifestyle it offers. Residents have access to a diverse array of boutique shops and local markets, showcasing the unique charm of this coastal town. Whether you’re looking for artisanal crafts, beachwear, or locally sourced goods, Windmark Beach’s shopping options cater to a variety of tastes.

In terms of dining, Windmark Beach boasts a delectable array of culinary experiences. From quaint seaside cafes to upscale waterfront restaurants, residents can savor the flavors of fresh, locally caught seafood and indulge in diverse international cuisines. The dining scene not only caters to gastronomic preferences but also offers breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico, creating an immersive dining experience.

Moreover, the community spirit is further enhanced by various social events and festivals that bring residents together. Regular farmers’ markets, art exhibitions, and live music performances contribute to the vibrant social fabric of Windmark Beach, fostering a sense of belonging among its residents.

In conclusion, Windmark Beach, Florida, encapsulates the essence of coastal living with its pristine beaches, commitment to sustainability, diverse shopping options, and a thriving culinary scene. Residents can enjoy a harmonious blend of natural beauty and community engagement, making Windmark Beach a truly exceptional place to call home.


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